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With an easy to locate photoluminescent label on the front cover, the LightStation® provides comfort and assurance that a safe dependable light will be available when the power goes out.

lightstation active in emergency environmentEach model can be mounted to a wall near exits, fire extinguishers, or in any area that has little or no emergency lighting. All LightStation® models are filled with 4 hour-yellow 10” SnapLight® lightsticks (25cm). Ideally used in large common areas; hotels, hospitals, airports, bus stations, schools, manufacturing facilities, or auditoriums.

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Cyalume® LightStation® Model 20

lightstation 20
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Designed with a heavy-duty molded plastic case. When the front cover is pulled open, one Snaplight® activates, leaving 19 Snaplights® for individuals to carry and use as light sources while evacuating. The photoluminescent label makes identification easy in the dark.

LightStations® provide comfort and assurance that a safe dependable light will be available when the power goes out.

All LightStation® models should be fitted with 4hr, yellow, 10" Snaplight® lightsticks (20cm); visible up to 1 mile in fog or smoke.

Sealed with replaceable Tamper Evident Pins to provide a visual alert if tampered or used.

Characteristics: Non Toxic, Non Flammable, No Flame, Easy Activation, 100% Maintenance Free, Phthalate Free

Applications Include: Ideal for places such as University, School and College offices, corridors and stairways. Or anywhere that emergency lighting is required.

Available Colours: Red and Beige

CY-LightStation-20 - 4 x LightStations £252.00 inc VAT

This Model 20 LightStation® requires 20 x 10" SnapLight® lightsticks (20cm), available separately as a refill/recharge pack.

This is a direct delivery item from the Cyalume Technologies warehouse in France. Dispatch normally within 2 days of order (stock dependant) with delivery taking 3 days approx.
Stock direct from USA requires 7-10 days before dispatch. Please call us for more information prior to order.

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