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Cyalume LogoAll accessories are genuine Cyalume® designed and manufactured products. They are designed to compliment, enhance and/or work with the genuine Cyalume® light products also available from LumiSafe Ltd.


Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape

Cyalume's Cyflect™ product line is a material that is photoluminescent and retroreflective. This means that it reflects light from its surface and glows in the dark. Cyflect™ material is waterproof and holds reflective properties when wet. Cyflect™ is the only product where 100% of surface area reflects or glows and is visible through fog & smoke. The material is rechargeable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and recyclable.

Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape Adhesive & Sew On.

pt belt white

Reflects White, Glows Bright

Enables safer evacuation in the dark - Visible through fog & smoke - Retains reflective properties when wet

            • Adhesive - Mark floors, stairways, doors, exit routes, exits, stair risers, fire extinguishers, power switches, vehicles, motorcycles, backpacks and camping/survival equipment.

            • Sew On - Be Seen, Be Safe. - Ideal for Hats, Coats, Rucksacs, Tents, Canvas, Dog Harnesses... basically anything you can sew it on!

See it in the Dark.. and.. Be seen in the Dark!

  • Product Size: 1, 1.5 & 2 inches wide, sold by the foot (12 inch) or multiples of, to a max uncut length of 150 feet. (stock dependant) For 150' Rolls please call. Rolls are ordered from USA, approx 3 week delivery time.
  • Nato/National (NSN) Part Numbers pending.
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  • 9-30006 Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape 1 inch - Honeycomb White (Glows Green)
  • 9-30007 Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape Sew On 1 inch - Honeycomb White (Glows Green)
  • 9-30011 Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape 1.5 inch - Honeycomb White (Glows Green)
  • 9-30012 Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape 2 inch - Honeycomb White (Glows Green)
  • 9-30009 Cyalume® CyFlect™ Tape Sew On 2 inch - Honeycomb White (Glows Green)


  1" Adhesive 1" Sew On 1.5" Adhesive 1.5" Sew On 2" Adhesive 2" Sew On
Price Per Foot
Price Per Roll


Width/Type/Size Quantity :

(Multiple foot lengths will be send uncut. See product size above)




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cyflect tape cyflect tape cyflect tape car door cyflect tape roll
cyflect cyflect cyflect 1 inch sew on cyflect tape
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