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Safety Discount for Clubs and Organisations.

Adventure Clubs, Hill Walking Clubs, Camping Clubs, Survival Organisations, Vehicle Clubs, School Organisations, University Student Unions, In fact any Club or Organisation that needs SnapLights®, LightBars or any other product on the website for safety applications.

Want some discount before ordering?

Easy ... Just email LumiSafe from your registered Club or Organisation email address with 'LumiSafe Discount' as the subject and your club address in the email body. We will send you a discount code for 5% off your online purchase. Just enter the code at checkout. Code will be active for one week from date of return email for unlimited purchases.
Please Note: Orders using the discount code must match the delivery address in the original email. Codes are not transferable. Orders submitted are at the discretion of LumiSafe to fulfil as per LumiSafe Terms and Conditions. The Club is responsible for ensuring that any email address is in working order and must assume the risk of all email receipts and/or operational failures of said email address. LumiSafe will hold and use your club or organisation details solely for the purpose of issuing, from time to time, your club further discount codes and LumiSafe / Cyalume information and news. Should you wish to opt out from these mailings please email us and we will remove and delete your clubs details and stop the service. Further information is available on request by contacting LumiSafe.

'When your safety depends on light...depend on LumiSafe'