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Official documentation for Cyalume® Technologies products.

Cyalume LogoIf you require further information or technical specification which is not covered in the information below please contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions or obtain the details for you from Cyalume Technologies. Some information contained in the documents may be old or inaccurate due to constant product development. Please contact LumiSafe Ltd to request current information on any available products.



Military Brochure 2015 - PDF - 946k

CyFlect Information Sheet 2015 - PDF - 306k

Complete Safety Program Brochure 2015 - PDF - 931k

Complete Safety Program Brochure 2014 - PDF - 848k (superceeded by 2015 version)

Complete Safety Program Brochure 2013 - PDF - 7.14Mb (superceeded by 2014 version)

Complete Safety Program Brochure 2011 - PDF - 915k (superceeded by 2013 version)

2009 Competitive Edge Brochure - PDF - 341k

2009 Competitive Edge Presentation - PDF - 345k

Hotel Room Pack Information Sheet - PDF - 189k

Hotel Emergency Lighting Solutions Information Sheet - PDF - 281k

Cyflect™ Information Sheet - PDF - 290k

Cyflect™ Military Information Sheet - PDF - 219k

Cyalume Technologies Inc - ISO 9001 Certificate - Valid until Oct 2014 - PDF - 146k



Train Evacuation LightStation® Schematic - PDF - 2.59Mb

Emergency LightStation® Product Line - PDF - 237k

LightStation® Brochure - PDF - 286k

LightStation® Instructions - How to Refill - LumiSafe Ltd Document - PDF - 337k

LightStation® - How to use - PDF - 747k

LightStation® Model 4 Mounting Diagram - PDF - 8k

LightStation® - Exit Station Information Sheet - PDF - 351k


cyalume logoPRESS RELEASES

Cyalume presents VisiPad™, new ultra-flat marking emitter to mark, sort, signal and identify. (PDF document 214k)








SnaplightTechnical / Specification Questions asked by previous customers.

Q. What is the weight of a 10 inch (LightStation®) lightstick?

A. 65 grams

Q. At what temperature will a lightstick melt when subjected to a flame/heat environment?

A. The casing of a lightstick will start to soften at about 71 degrees C (160 degrees F) and melt somewhere over 104 degrees C (220 degrees F). This melting will release the liquids inside the lightstick.

Q. What is the total fluid amount in a 15" lightstick?

A. 56.5 ml

Q. To what depth can Snaplights® be used in a sub aqua environment?

A. Snaplights® are tested and certified to 200 metres (hyperbaric testing) for commercial divers. Green works best underwater. 

Q. Can Snaplights/Chemlights be taken onboard commercial aircraft?

A. HAND BAGGAGE: As they contain a liquid they fall under the current aviation regulations regarding taking liquids onboard commercial aircraft. (See your Airport or Carrier website for further detailed information). They will need to be declared and depending on which size product they are, you must ensure they don't exceed the liquid limit. Any product foils should be removed and the product placed inside an appropriate plastic bag for security checks.

CHECKED/HOLD BAGGAGE: They can go through as checked/hold baggage without any problems.


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