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Clearance and End of Line.

LumiSafe Ltd will, from time to time, list clearance and end of line products on this page from stock and our other business interests. Items should not automatically be associated with Cyalume Technologies Inc as part of our distributor role, unless specified. Item manufacturers can vary. Full details are in the relevant item listing. All prices, unless stated, include FREE UK delivery and our normal terms and conditions apply. Stocks ARE limited, the basket/checkout process will only allow the item to be purchased if it is still available. We will try to keep the listings as up to date as possible.

Expiry dates: Some products may be expired, this does not mean they are non-functional. Cyalume expiry dates are when the product has reached its 100% life effectiveness/functionality. They will still function as normal with little notice of degrade for several weeks/months and sometimes years. Obviously the longer past the expiry date, the more noticeable the degrade will be.

If you require further information regarding any item please contact us.



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