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About VisiPad™

VisiPad - The New Ultra-Light and Ultra-Flat Chemical Light Device, Use for IFF, Patient TRaige and Workers in Limited Visibility, Mark Safe Routes in Diminished Visibility Fire Situations, Designed with Holes, Hooks and an Aggressive Adhesive

VisiPad™ is a new ULTRA-LIGHT and ULTRA-FLAT chemical light device designed for a variety of Emergency and Tactical uses. Available in Infrared and 6 color marking emitter options.

  • Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Infrared
  • Meets military specifications
  • Lightweight, Saves Space, allowing large quantity to be carried
  • Powerful, Self-adhesive Backing
  • Marks Easily with Permanent Marker for Visible or Covert Messaging
  • Designed to minimize Accidental Activation
  • Mark Patients, Rooms, or Personnel
  • Environmentally-Friendly Formulation
  • 10-hour Duration for Visible, 8-Hour for Infrared (IR)
  • Waterproof, Non-Toxic


Military: Room clearing, IFF, Convoy marking, Small room illumination, LZ/DZ, Bundle marking, Perimeter/route marking and More

Emergency Services (Police & Fire): Pathway marking, Ingress/Egress marking, Disabled vehicle marking, Evidence marking, Field marking of prisoner/detainees and More

Medical: Triage, Mass casualty marking, Patient transfer marking, Process flow marking, BioHazard marking and More

Disaster Response: Damaged building marking, Occupied dwelling marking, Downed power lines, Flooded areas/roadways, Obstacles, Go/No Go areas and More

Industrial: Personnel and position ID marker, obstacles, equipment, First Aiders, Structures and equipment being maintained and More


Nuclear sites and railway workers some European countries have already adopted VisiPad™ and are mandatory in some of the world leading maintenance companies.


General Questions about VisiPad™ and VisiPad IR™


VisiPad BlueWhat is a VisiPad™?

VisiPad™ is an innovative new ultra-light and ultra-flat chemical light device designed for a variety of emergency and tactical uses.




VisiPad GreenHow is a VisiPad™ used?

The uses for VisiPad™ and VisiPad IR™ are nearly endless and only limited by the imagination of the user. They are perfect anywhere, easy to attach, light weight, extremelydurable and writable with a marker.



VisiPad OrangeHow is a VisiPad™ attached?

With an adhesive backing, holes and hooks in the corners, VisiPad™ and VisiPad IR™, can be attached to an object or person in many different ways. The extremely aggressive adhesive will stick to virtually any surface, including a damp surface and most fabrics, without leaving a residue. What colors are available? VisiPad™ is available in the visible colors Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange. VisiPad IR™ is Infrared for covert operations.


VisiPad RedHow long will VisiPad™ provide light for marking?

The Milspec duration for VisiPad™ is 10 hours with 8 hours for VisiPad IR™. Both will continue to glow much longer but not to Milspec standards.




VisiPad YellowHow does VisiPad™ compare to chemical light sticks?

The only similarity is that both are chemical light products. VisiPad™ and VisiPad IR are unique in that they are extremely durable, designed to prevent self-activation, 56% lighter in weight than a 6” light stick and, with a flat surface, can be written on with a permanent marker or grease pencil. Due to the light weight, small size and design of the VisiPad™ and VisiPad IR™, many more can be safely stuffed in cargo pockets and pouches than any 6" light stick in the market. More is always better!


VisiPad BlueAre VisiPad™ markers safe ?

Absolutely! VisiPad™ products are safe, non hazardous, non toxic and non-flammable. They are not a source of heat or sparks. They can be used in confined spaces and stored in areas, which contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids, where ordinary sources of light could cause an explosion or fire hazard. Working towards a safer environment, Cyalume Technologies complies with REACH regulation and offers phthalate free products. All certificates and MSDSs are available upon request.


VisiPad GreenWhat happens if a VisiPad™ leaks or breaks?

VisiPad™ products are designed to prevent accidental activation. This means they are extremely tough and resistant to leaks and breaking. If one were to leak or break the chemicals are non-toxic and will not cause injury to skin or eyes. In the unlikely event of contact with the chemicals, rinse thoroughly the affected areas with water. Please note that the chemicals may stain clothing or furniture.


VisiPad OrangeAre VisiPad™ disposable?

VisiPad™ can be disposed of as household waste. Only waste which meet the regulatory definition of a hazardous waste are subject to the land disposal restrictions. Activated light sticks do not meet the definition of a Characteristic Hazardous Waste and therefore, under the regulations, can be disposed of as a solid waste in solid waste landfills and incinerators unless prohibited by site-specific solid waste facility restriction.



For more information see the VisiPad product page.

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