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About LightStations®

lightstationsThe Cyalume® LightStation® is a blast and fire resistant case filled with 4, 10 or 20 ten-inch 4 hour-yellow or red chemiluminescent batons called SnapLights®. The Cyalume® LightStation® is designed for use in emergency situations in locations ranging from small spaces to large common areas. The LightStation® has a photoluminescent label on the front cover which glows in the dark and stays lit through power outages and emergencies makes the LightStation® easy to locate. When the unit is opened, the lightsticks activate to provide instant, safe light for each user. This light produces no heat and is not dependent on batteries.

Cyalume® Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in the chemiluminescent industry, providing dependable light for uses by militaries, policemen, firemen and throughout the safety industry. Cyalume’s chemical lights are depended upon for both military training and battle operations as well as emergencies such as blackouts, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters. Cyalume® brand emergency lighting solutions are manufactured at their world headquarters in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Their French subsidiary, Cyalume® Technologies SA, manufactures and distributes chemiluminescent products throughout Europe.

lightstation 4Models 4 and 10 of the LightStation® are ideal for use in offices, stairwells, elevators, restrooms, kitchens, or hallways. When models 4 and 10 of the LightStation® are pulled open, the lightsticks are instantly illuminated and the small area where the LightStation is installed is lit up.

lightstation 20Model 20 is designed for use in hospitals, airports, bus stations, schools, manufacturing facilities, auditoriums, or any other large common area. When activated by the pull of the front case, one SnapLight® is activated out of the 20.  People in the large common area can easily find the LightStation®, grab a lightstick, and use it to evacuate the area.




LightStations® provide comfort and assurance that a safe dependable light will be available when the power goes out. Sealed with replaceable Tamper Evident Pins to provide a visual alert if tampered or used.

Characteristics: Non Toxic, Non Flammable, No Flame, Easy Activation, 100% Maintenance Free, Phthalate Free.


For more information about LightStations® see our LightStation® product pages and the documentation page.

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