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Cyalume Technologies are the world leaders in the chemiluminescent industry. They provide dependable light for uses in emergencies such as blackouts, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters.

Due to patented formulations, each Cyalume® SnapLights® can provide safe and dependable light for hours:

  • Storage Life - unlike battery powered flashlights, SnapLights® can wait for years in your glove box and still provide dependable light when you need it.
  • Safe Operation - SnapLights® are non flammable and can be used in confined spaces. SnapLights® consume no oxygen and can therefore be used inside your car. SnapLights® present no risk when used in the presence of oil or gasoline.
  • Ease of Use - Just bend a Snaplight® until you hear the characteristic snap, shake it a bit, and you have a bar of light - to signal for help, read a map, change a tire, jump start the car - or simply to calm the children in the back seat.

Homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices, hotels, trains, industrial sites, police, fire, EMS, utilities and government agencies purchase thier products to use for:

  • Signaling, Search & Rescue, Evacuating
  • Illuminating Stairways and Walkways
  • Marking Routes, Accidents, Exits, Landing Zones
  • Traffic Control, Road Blocks, Indicate Highway Obstruction or New Paths
  • DWI/DUI Checkpoints
  • Medical Triage, EMS care with different colors for fractures, shock, etc.
  • Personnel ID, Safety Kits
  • Work Light, Confined Space Lighting
  • Surveillance, Perimeter Control, Search & Rescue
  • Obstruction Markers, Hazardous Materials, Utility Maintenance
  • Sewers & Water Mains
  • Underground Surveying
  • Explosive Atmospheres
  • Firefighting, etc.


Cyalume® products come in a variety of sizes, colors and illumination intensity.

All their products:

  • are guaranteed leak proof, water proof, and are non-toxic
  • are 100% reliable and maintenance-free with consistent light output & performance
  • are non electrical and don’t use batteries, bulbs or lenses, non-corrodible
  • will not generate heat or sparks, non-flammable
  • are safe, convenient, practical, maintenance-free
  • can be used in hazardous situations where life will be endangered or lost if products do not perform as expected
  • have a 4 year verifiable shelf life, expiration date printed on the foil
  • activate manually, upon your demand, in seconds
  • emit 360 degree of bright light
  • need no special storage requirements
  • are fresh products made to order



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