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LumiSafe Ltd provides professional, Industrial grade, Cyalume® emergency and convenient chemiluminescent lighting for safety applications.

Rescue Signaling, Contingency Lighting, Maintenance Operation, Evacuation Illumination, Emergency Preparedness

From Special Forces to Homes, in Public Safety, Transportation, Hotels, Government Agencies, Utilities, Industrial Sites, Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and through a range of Outdoor Activities, when light is really needed, Cyalume® offers proven reliable solutions that prevent injury and save lives.


applications: Railway, Offshore, Police, Emergency Medical, Marine, Road Safety, Outdoor and HomeRailway Industry - Emergency Light,
Offshore - Maintenance Work,
Police - Traffic Control,
Emergency Medical Services - Triage,
Aviation - Air Plane Check,
Marine Safety - Rescue Light,
Protective Equipment - Confined Spaces,
Road Safety - Signal Danger,
Facilities Management - Keep Calm,
Contingency Planning - Protect,
Outdoor - First Aid Kit,
Home Blackout - Power Outage Light

Snaplights, Lightshapes, Chemlights, FlaresCyalume® Technologies Inc are the world leaders in chemiluminescent lighting products, offering a wide range of high quality, tested products, for every safety and lighting eventuality you can think of. Please browse the LumiSafe Ltd website and buy Cyalume® lighting products with confidence from a leading UK distributor.

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